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Explore, colonize, and encounter others in a vast MMO universe.

Discover resources. Build cities. Construct spacecraft. Walk aboard them. Operate their controls. Command a crew of NPCs and players. Lift off. Fly up through the atmosphere to outer space. Land on other worlds, anywhere, not at designated places. Build an empire.

Design unique spacecraft and buildings with the built-in 3D modeler. Make them function, with operable doors, landing gear, lights, turbo lifts, transporters, engines, shields, weapons, and more. Share designs at the Blueprint Exchange.


14:13 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

Good morning Haxus.
14:14 UTC · Veil of Targoss


15:12 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

What's the recommended way to decommission an existing space station and replace it? I know the wiki says it should happen automatically when the new one is constructed, but I haven't actually had that work for me yet.
15:13 UTC · Veil of Targoss

New station is supposed to replace the old station. Crew, cargo and name are transferred to the new station.
15:13 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

Could that be bypassed if I have the story where I need to visit the station to get a package active?
15:14 UTC · Veil of Targoss

They are not related.
15:14 UTC · Veil of Targoss

Story just looks for a station.
15:14 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

by the way, would be nice if a city/world that is under attack would be prevented in finishing/spawning a spacecraft (for example space stations)
15:15 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

Okay. I'll double check that I'm not getting my planets confused or something. :-D

00:20 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

I'm trying to replace my orbital station, which Haxus says is possible, but I'm getting the message "Orbital Station Limit Reached" at my Spacecraft factory. Is there something I'm missing?

00:49 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

sometimes it doesn't replace for some reason and I don't know why. you may have to go up there and order the old station to self destruct

17:13 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

Is there a hotkey to open doors instead of "right-click, click Door button, right-click"?

20:12 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

My military bases suddenly started reporting starvation. Has anybody else had this problem? They're all connected to groceries and cantinas. They don't seem to be storing food in any of the military buildings though.

03:31 UTC · Shores of Hazeron


15:22 UTC · Shores of Hazeron

yay, outta limbo
15:23 UTC · Veil of Targoss

Woohoo! Contgrats!